FREE taster sessions available

One hour lesson £34

Half hour lesson £17


Office Hours lesson £30/£15. subject to availability. 9-3 Mon-fri.

24 hours minimum notice to cancel due to illness or emergency by phone to the Director. Text, email, messenger, WhatsApp etc not acceptable.


We allow for 8 weeks holiday per year. 2 weeks at Christmas and Easter. 4 weeks over summer. Missed lessons may be made up during holidays at the teacher’s discretion. This may not always be possible. Teachers also have family and other commitments.

Lessons may be available during holidays at the teacher’s discretion which can be paid for on the day.

Lessons cost £17 per half hour or £34 per hour.

First 4 lessons are paid by card/cash/cheque. After that payments to be made by Direct Debit.

52 weeks minus 8 = 44

44 x £17 = £748

11 payments of £68.

No Direct Debit in August.