There are (arguably) two types of guitar player; Rhythm and Lead. Rhythm (Keith Richard, Joe Strummer) is more about chords and Lead (Hendrix, Clapton) is more about notes. As a beginner you will learn a bit of both and decide for yourslef which direction to take once you’re competent.

Chords are presented as a chart and notes are presented as Tablature. Both of these formats are standard for guitar players worldwide and you’ll find them in any ‘Learn Guitar’ books and on the internet. I don’t teach music notation (dots) for guitar. It’s hard to teach, hard to read and besides…….have you ever seen a guitarist walk on stage with a sheaf of music under his arm and place it on stand????

So, you’ll learn to strum a few chords and then you you’ll play along with songs by The Beatles, Oasis, Snow Patrol, Bob Dylan, Razorlight etc etc. I have a songbook of over 100 songs printed out and many more in my head! Most songs I can work out after a couple of listens.

You will also learn classic RIFFS. Again, I have over 100 riffs written out and again, most can be worked out by ear. Every lesson involves a performance of at least one song by you.

Of course if you fancy yourself as a lead guitarist then be prepared to learn scales and arpeggios! You’ll also need to learn quite a bit of theory about key signatures, modes and all that clever stuff!

Grade exams through Rockschool are available and will really help with your progress.100% pass rates up to Grade 8.